Happy Fourth

I admit that this is not as exciting as capturing images of wild birds, but I took a few photos of a Bald Eagle at a local Audubon Center near where I live. I went for the hiking trails, but stopped by the outdoor bird exhibits that were still open. Of course, free-range bird shots are preferred, but these still made me smile.

The birds there are rescues kept for rehabilitation, by the way, not wild birds only caught to be stuffed into cages. Just in case anyone was wondering.

A little blurry. Shot through the wire of an enclosure.





8 thoughts on “Happy Fourth

  1. Great shots, Ben, nonetheless. Are they any less magnificent in captivity than in the wild? I think not.

    Hopefully, as you pointed out, they will be fully rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitat. Let’s hope.

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  2. Nice! A bird of prey has a way of looking right through you. That last one is the bird seeing the orange idiot for the first time and immediately understanding he is freaking worthless.

    As I’m getting back out on the lake/river again I have already seen several osprey, and the first eagle I saw took a dive towards the water and snatched up something close by. I didn’t have a ding dang camera. Not that it mattered, having the camera, being ready for the shot, and actually getting a decent shot are all different things.

    Nice to get a pic even of captives. Also great enjoying what you see with your own eyes in the wild.

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