New Visitor

I was always fairly cheap when it came to the birdseed I would buy to fill my feeders. I attracted some birds, but nothing spectacular. I have found that by spending a little more and getting several different options, I attract a much larger variety of birds.

The latest visitor is a male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. They are members of the cardinal family. I have seen the female a few times as well but didn’t know it was a grosbeak until I looked it up. I didn’t take any photos of the female as it just looked like a large, dull-colored sparrow. I will try to get a photo of the female when it comes back around. The male on the other hand, is not dull. It is a bright and beautiful specimen who loves the sunflower kernels I bought this year.




5 thoughts on “New Visitor

  1. Beautiful shot (again) Ben! These are some of my favorites! I have bird feeders that hang outside the windows of the media room in Nashua and when these guy showed up for the first time we were blown away, none of us had ever seen one before. If you don’t s mile looking at this, you have other issues!

    Thanks for the morning pick-me-up!

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    1. Thanks. I used to see these all the time at my house growing up but they’ve been rare here. I’ve only seen a couple in the twenty years I’ve been in this house. Very welcome visitors.


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