Any Members Of The Flat Mars Society Out There?

People who still believe that the Earth is flat (Flat-Earthers) are in the extreme minority. This is due to the overwhelming evidence that the Earth is, in fact, quite round. I was looking at some photos of the planets in our solar system from Universe Today’s website and it got me thinking…

Do these people also believe that every other planet is flat? How about the sun? The Moon? The stars? Is every round object in the night sky actually as flat as a pancake? The surface of Mars, for example, looks remarkably similar to that of the surface of the Earth. But, we know from extensive photo and video evidence, that Mars is absolutely round. So is it just our flat blue disc they are certain of, or are there others? I was just a bit curious, that’s all. It seems odd that only our planet would be flat.

Here are some nice photos of the planets in our solar system courtesy of Enjoy…….





Earth, taken from the Apollo 11 SpacecraftEarth_apollo11

27 thoughts on “Any Members Of The Flat Mars Society Out There?

  1. Ben, Ben, Benny-ben-BEN!!! πŸ™„πŸ€­ Have you not yet heard the perfectly good explanations by the YEC and Flat-Earthers have rebutted with on all photos of our planet, Moon, and other planets in the solar system? Alright, sit down, put your thinking cap on for me and pay close attention. Are you ready? It’s really simple! (tries to impersonates a YEC-FE’ther)
    Anytime there is a camera pointing at our Moon, Sun, back at Earth, or any planets everywhere in the entire Cosmos, no matter how many camera-persons are snapping photos simultaneously or within 10-mins of each other ANYWHERE, without the photographer even noticing that celestial body turns its fixed center directly to that camera giving the photographer and the photo a dead-center Top-view only!!! Hence, when the photo is later observed, it is a flat surface like we are looking at a quarter or nickel!!!
    sha-ZAAM!!! Your wild crazy photo-shenanigans and ungodly, heathen beliefs are KAH-POOT!!! Stanky as elephant dung!!! Please flush the toilet as you leave embarrassed! πŸ€“πŸ˜

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    1. I know. I know. I just REALLY, REALLY wanted to believe it. But that’s not a justifiable reason for belief. Can you imagine if people disregarded evidence and created a belief system based solely on feelings instead of actual evidence? Wouldn’t that be something? πŸ˜‰

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      1. Can you imagine if people disregarded evidence and created a belief system based solely on feelings instead of actual evidence?

        Haven’t lots of groups done that already? πŸ€” I can think of at least two!

        And this one below…

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  2. If you wander over to Wikipedia there is a fascinating discussion of the whole flat earth thing. ( The whole thing is really blown out of proportion by the media, I suspect. Our ancestors were not idiots (well, some of them, anyway) and the knowledge that the Earth was actually round was around for a long, long time, and it was generally accepted that it was. The notion that Columbus ‘proved’ that the Earth was round was complete nonsense. Most people knew that, or were too busy trying to keep from starving to death, dying of one plague or another, or trying to keep from being raped, pillaged, “liberated”, looted, etc. to really care one way or another.

    I personally don’t think any more people believe the Earth is flat than there were back in 1956 when Shenton started the Flat Earth Research Society. No one, or almost no one, believed Shenton. He was considered to be either pulling some kind of elaborate practical joke or that he was, to put it bluntly, a loony. But newspapers would occasionally trot out stories about the FERS for the same reason they publish stories about stupid criminals, the woman who found her lost wedding ring around a carrot and similar stories – they had space leftover they couldn’t sell for advertising and had to put something there, so they slip in a few sentences about whatever they have laying around the office.

    I suspect that the vast majority of modern “believers” don’t really believe it either. They’re doing it to either get attention, be “ironic”, find it amusing, etc. But the modern media is desperate for page views and money, so they latch onto anything that might snag a few dozen extra pairs of eyeballs and bump up their ad revenue.

    And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my regular job manning a guard tower at the Antarctic Wall that keeps the oceans from falling off into space and preventing Hitler and his clone army from escaping from inside the hollow Earth in their flying saucers.

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    1. Ahhh, NOW I get it John. Euclid’s evil-cousin explains this geometric law:

      β€œThings which are equal to the same thing are [not so equal] to each other. That’s a rule of [divine] reasoning. It’s true because it [sells]! Has done and always will do.”

      You found the picture to this Euclid-ish Law! Well done John! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

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      1. Hahaha! πŸ˜† Ahh, yes… of course it is! I know a con when I see/hear one—I worked in sales and marketing for over 8-years.

        The word-play and numbers game are juggled and rearranged endlessly to make it all read/sound exactly what the potential (gullible?) buyer wants to feel… feel better about making his/her life “lacking” and incomplete. IOW, you can’t ever be happy WITHOUT this service/product!!! Your life is utterly incomplete!!! πŸ™„

        You know the drill John. πŸ˜‰

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  3. There is nothing on the issue in the Bible about this, but ancient cosmology at the time(a Greco-Babylonian mix) of most of the Bible’s writing would have had spherical planets. At least after Plato and Aristotle, anyway. The assumption was that the heavens(the moon and upwards) were perfect, and since spheres are the most perfect shape(uniform on all sides), everything up there must be perfect spheres. Marks and blemishes being spotted on the moon back in the 17th century caused a stir because it went against Christian cosmology at the time. The planets were not considered to be something similar to Earth. Christians could probably get away with claiming a round Mars and a flat Earth, though the pictures and evidence about other planets presents even more problems for their cosmology if it is seen literally. Where is the water above the firmament? Where is the firmament?

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    1. There’s plenty of references to a flat earth in the bible. Isaiah 40:22/Isaiah 11:12/Revelation 7:1/Deuteronomy 28:49/Daniel 4:11/Matthew 4:8, and heaps others which I can’t be bothered putting down πŸ™‚

      Tellingly though, the word for ball is Dur. Kadur is the word for sphere. The word used in the bibles creation narrative is khΓ»g, meaning circle… a 2D object.

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  4. In 1980, my husband and I were up in the Calgary Tower, eating breakfast. The restaurant revolves and you can clearly see for miles. . .and you can also see the roundness of the earth on the horizon. Every time I read something about a flat-earther I think of this. . .do they not even believe what they see with their own eyes???
    Before that, we had a friend who worked in Siberia. He said the atmospheric conditions were such that you could see for miles. . . and you could also see the roundness of the earth, standing.
    I remember being fascinated by that bit of info. Do these flat-earthers not have friends who give them factual info? Again, one wonders. . . .

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    1. “…do they not even believe what they see with their own eyes???”

      Well you know what Jesus said…

      “Blessed are those who have not seen yet have believed.”

      Anyone can see something and believe it. But isn’t it so much better to ignore the obvious things and instead focus on the things that you cannot see any evidence of, and yet still believe? You know, like believing in Jesus, the one who supposedly said that believing in things unseen is praiseworthy. πŸ™‚

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  5. I think the the flat-earthers believe the other planets are just lights or some such nonsense that are placed in the dome covering the Earth and aren’t really planets. Thus, they only “appear” to be round and are only lights. It’s some nonsense like this they believe. What a bunch of loons. They’re SO narcissistic and deliberately ignorant that it makes me embarrassed for our whole race.

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  6. Nice photos and people do point to the consistent roundness of other space objects but all you need to prove the Earth is not flat is a phone. Just call somebody on the opposite side of the mythical spherical Earth and ask them to describe what they see out the window. If the earth were flat, we would all see the same thing.

    (Time zones are not needed on a flat Earth.)

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    1. Those are excellent examples of why this is such a ridiculous belief. There is much evidence that has to be ignored in order to maintain that belief.


  7. So your post got me to thinking … if the earth is flat, where does the sun go when it’s replaced by the moon? Does it go “under” the flat earth and then reappear the next day?

    And beyond that … if the earth is flat, why would the sun be round? Hmmm.

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    1. Flat-earthers have answers to all this stuff. Granted, they are bat-shit crazy answers, but they do have them. Google flat earth theories and you’ll get to read some. Just a warning though, if you do this, your brain may very well melt, so be careful.

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  8. Just thought of this question Ben for the FE’thers: How do you explain the rings around Saturn? πŸ€”

    If Saturn were flat, even a flat circle, wouldn’t that make the rings SQUARE around one of those points-of-view? And if that were true, WHY are there no images whatsoever of these ‘squared-off’ rings around Saturn?

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    1. Good question. I’m not sure there is a good answer. I’m sure there is an answer, but not a good one. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how there are seasons, a round sun that circles around a flat disc of a planet, and how the flat earth society on their website ( thinks the quote below is why so many people believe the earth is actually round and not flat as they believe:

      “…the space agencies of the world are involved in a conspiracy faking space travel and exploration.”

      Yes. This is their answer to the question of why, if people have been to space, they never noticed the earth was round. The answer is that no one has been to space after all. Yikes.

      Also, here is a great video called “Orbit” which shows a journey around the earth in real time, taken from the International Space Station. I mean, if there is such a thing as a space station since no one has apparently ever been into space. If you are really bored and have a spare hour or so to watch this, it’s quite amazing…

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      1. I’ll definitely watch that video Ben. Thank you.

        There are MORE than just astronauts and cosmonauts that have been in low-orbit geospace and lunar space. Many many pilots have flown upwards of 80,000 ft (or more?) and you can EASILY see the curvature of the Earth. BOOM!!! (mic drop!)


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