Truth Is Not Venomous

I was not planning on writing this post tonight. This subject wasn’t on my list of things to write about, but here I am. I will try to be as brief as I can. A WordPress reader told me a few days ago that I was arrogant, blasphemous and was “spreading venom and hate” because of the things I write about here. I was warned that my words will come back to haunt me. (Which is the watered down version of “you’re going to burn in Hell”) I take exception to that for many reasons, but mostly because what was said about me was factually inaccurate.

I made a post the other day about people seeing Jesus’s image in rocks and other objects called “Jesus Is My Rock” I was basically asking what kind of god would show his image in all sorts of places as just an image, but not show up to comfort and encourage us as the Bible promises when we call on him? Someone got offended because they think that an attack on Christianity is a personal attack on them. Is God not capable of standing up for himself? Does God need people to step in on his behalf to point of the wickedness of the unbelievers and threaten repercussions…just before adding that they will pray for them of course? Let me clarify my positions a bit…

First of all, I don’t shake my fist at God in anger. I don’t “deny him everyday” as I have been accused of. I am not mad or rebellious at all. I just no longer see any evidence that God is there at all. If he is, we have no way of knowing that and it doesn’t matter anyway because it is clear we are on our own down here. Prayer, including intercessory prayer, doesn’t work. History bears that out. Not just my personal history, but all of human history. Coincidence is not answered prayer. Excuses for unanswered prayers include “You didn’t pray for the right things” or “You didn’t pray the right way” or sometimes “It wasn’t God’s timing” or my favorite “You were never a true believer to begin with.”

Let me give you some history of me and my blog here. I was a believer from the time I was old enough to know about God until a couple of years ago at age 39. I officially accepted Jesus at age 14 so from then until 39 was a quarter century of devotion. I believed as other believers believe. I trusted in God and God’s word. I devoted my life to studying the Bible to know God even better and to follow his words as commanded. I used to write about being a true Christian here on my blog. I was disappointed and let down by the church. I felt they strayed too far from scripture. I left the church, but vowed to be the best Christian I could be. That might not come across through some of my newer posts, but I’ve been writing for 4 years now. My earliest posts show a very different me. You can find them here.

I know that people who believe right now cannot fathom the idea of losing faith. I couldn’t either for most of my life. But when I thought I had started my journey of becoming a better Christian, I was actually going down a road that led to me losing my faith. Believing in the Christian story requires faith. Not only faith in things unseen such as God, Jesus, Heaven, angels, etc…but also faith that the book where those things reside is historically reliable. Let me tell you right now, it isn’t. “But the Bible has had many places and people verified as being historically accurate and have been proven to have existed.” So what? Stephen King writes about real people and places too. Are his books to be accepted as true stories based on eyewitness accounts? Of course not. But the Bible asks us to do just that.

The Bible is the source of hope for many. Billions actually. There are just over 2 billion Christians in the world today. That many people can’t be wrong, right? Well just over 2 billion Christians out of nearly 8 billion people would indicate that yes…they can be wrong. In fact, almost 75% of the world thinks they are wrong. And with thousands of different sects within Christianity, it is clear that Christians themselves think that other Christians are wrong. The Bible for me, is no longer a source of hope as it once was. It is a source of empty promises, inaccurate science, unverifiable (and oftentimes debunked) history and ridiculous stories of myths and magic. It has talking animals, seas that part, wooden staffs that transform into snakes, virgins having babies, people dying and rising again and even walking on water. It has to be true, right? Why? Because it’s in the Bible? How is that the measuring stick we use to gauge truth? What is that based on? These things only exist in the Bible so we have nothing to compare it to. That’s a problem if you are trying to show evidence.

Evidence is proof. Evidence is factual. Evidence is falsifiable. Evidence can be tested and tested and tested again. The result will be the same each time. It is reliable. Faith is the opposite of those things. It’s what you use as an excuse when you have none of those things. Faith is what holds religion upright. If you don’t believe (you have to believe without justifiable cause to do so to be part of it) religion would crumble. I can no longer have faith based on words. If the Bible could be proven to be historically accurate or if the promises within actually came to fruition, then I could put my trust in the words. But as that hasn’t happened, the places, events and characters in that book are fiction to me until proven otherwise…and that includes God, Jesus, Moses and countless others. Prove me wrong. I’m always ready and willing to accept all evidence. But remember, you can’t use the Bible to prove the Bible any more than I can use Stephen King’s “It” to prove that killer clowns live in the sewer. Evidence needs to transcend the Bible and exist outside of those pages. But it doesn’t.

I am many things, but arrogant, hateful and bent on “destroying hope” I am not. I don’t spread venom. I spread truth. I don’t seek out Christian blogs to comment on so I can spread hate and take the hope away from as many people as I can. I write so that I can share what I know and expose the lies and dangers of religion. The question was asked of atheists, “why waste time writing about things you don’t believe in?” “Why not just let it go and move on from it and let people believe what they want to?” For the most part, I really don’t care what people believe in. When I do care is when religion breeds hatred, oppression, segregation, misogyny, and division amongst any group. Also, I object when religion is used as a weapon to attack me on my own personal blog because someone’s feelings got hurt. Why do I write against religion? I write against it for the same reason I vaccinate my children. It’s a disease and the risks of doing nothing are too great.

I lived the religious life (the Christian life) for a very long time. I know why Christians get upset with what I write now. But when I was a Christian, I didn’t even really know what I was involved in because I went by what I was taught. When I actually read the Bible myself, I learned so much more that churches tend to gloss over or ignore completely. When I raised my hand in praise as the worship music filled my soul, I didn’t realize I was agreeing that killing adulterers was okay, killing innocent children was okay, rape was okay, killing homosexuals was okay, slavery was okay and that incest was a God-approved activity. Before you say, “but that was Old Testament”, remember the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. You can “but Jesus” this or “but Jesus” that. The fact is that God supposedly never changes. If the OT God thought these things were acceptable and either condoned or ordered them, he feels the same way now and you raised your hand in agreement to them. Those who don’t believe that don’t understand the book or beliefs of their own religion.

I can’t condone these things. Not in the Old Testament past or the New Testament present. That is the behavior of a monster, regardless of when it happened. I also can’t believe in or follow a god based on writings that have been shown time and again to be man-made for man’s purposes. They have been changed by man over and over again. There is a biblical “paper trail” that bears this out. Ignore it or deny if you want to, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I thought the Bible was infallible because it came from a god who was infallible. Truth is, there is no evidence to suggest anything in the Bible was divine or that any miracles ever happened. There is however, plenty of evidence that suggest much of it was plagiarized from earlier myths and Pagan stories.

I have no interest in destroying hope. If you believe in Heaven, that doesn’t concern me. If you think Grandma or Grandpa are waiting for you at the Pearly Gates, go ahead and believe it. But Christianity, the religion I was raised in, is far different. It is not just beliefs, but commands to do and say horrible things to people. It is a religion of fear and control based on the stories of man with no evidence to back it up. It divides families and countries. It creates wars and kills innocent children. It vilifies people based solely on who they love. Religion is not harmless. Religion throws homosexuals off of buildings, cuts the heads off of people and flies planes into buildings. “But that’s not MY religion!” Have you read the Bible? The stories are horrific and often worse than those I mentioned. If you accept the Bible as being true, you accept it all. If you choose to ignore parts or only practice some of it, you do so on your own. You have made your own religion out of the ingredients in the salad bar of the Bible. It’s okay. Most do, and most also judge others based on which parts of it they believe in.

If you come to my blog and want a discussion because you disagree, I will be happy to do so. If you want to come by just to drop a couple of “drive-by” comments and speed out of there, leaving the skid marks labeled “...I’ll pray for you”, don’t bother. I’ve not only heard it before, I’ve lived it before. It’s nothing new and it’s divisive, not productive. If you then leave my blog to write a post on your own blog, just know that I might find it. When you boast about standing up to this sinful person and that you are praying for them, all you are doing is drawing attention to yourself. If your God is real, I’m sure he can handle his own affairs and would prefer you stick to the facts. If you have the facts to put me in my place, go that route. But name calling is just childish and solves nothing. In fact, I think he calls for you to turn the other cheek. Of course, turning the other cheek doesn’t really apply in this situation. I never actually slapped your cheek. You showed up on my blog, grabbed my hand and slapped your own face with it and then said, “How dare you?!”

I don’t worry about God’s wrath. He is supposedly a God of both wrath and love, but I’ve been told before that, of all the things he is, “…the greatest of these is love.” If God withheld his love, empathy and presence from me every time I prayed, why would I be concerned that he is now so angry that my words will haunt me? He has never answered one prayer or stopped one tragedy from happening in my life. He doesn’t stop innocent children from dying or stop disease and war. He hasn’t struck down anyone who is of other religions. Is he waiting for judgement day to show us all how naughty we’ve been? He can hide forever and ignore pleas for comfort and requests for more faith in him, but he’s going to let me have it when I lose that game of hide and seek each time because he’s found the perfect hiding place? What kind of god hides from everyone, says nothing, does nothing and lets people pray without results and then gets enraged when they finally say (sometimes after a lifetime of searching) “I give up”?

What kind of god gives nothing and expects everything without ever proving he’s even there? What kind of god creates sin (or allows another to create and run wild with it) and then punishes those who fall victim to it? We are supposed to feel bad about being sinners even though we are supposedly created as sinners? I was supposedly born into a fallen world (not my fault) and I sin as a result (again, not my fault) and I am supposed to feel bad about it? According to the Bible, all fall short of the glory of God. Those are ridiculous standards. We don’t even have a choice but to be sinners according to the Bible. So God is immediately disappointed in us…even before we are born. That’s fair.

The whole Bible story reeks of BS and there’s a good reason for that. It is contradictory, full of inaccuracies and doesn’t live up to the promises made. It is the one and only source for the Christian faith. When the one and only source is a bad source, the whole story falls apart. I am like every other atheist, freethinker and ex-believer out there. I am willing to be proven wrong. I will bow down and praise the Lord day and night for eternity if I am wrong and it’s actually all true. I was always open and willing to accept that and that hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is I can no longer believe based on words in a book. Show me something more than words or “feelings” and I will honestly, and without reservation, consider any and all evidence. Don’t just think I won’t because you think all non-believers are set in their ways. We’re not. So show us what you’ve got and prove us all wrong. If you can do that, you can save us a seat on Sunday mornings.

I will end by saying this: The truth is not venomous. You can’t hurt someone else by spreading it around. If what you believe in as truth is shown to be false (as my religious truth was shown to be) then that truth may actually come back to bite you depending on how you used it. It’s not the end of the world though. It may sting for awhile, but you pull yourself up and move on to bigger and better things. I will never stop sharing what I believe to be the truth. If it offends you, prove me wrong. If you think it is blasphemous, prove me wrong. If you think it is hateful, sinful or arrogant, prove me wrong. No one has yet, so good luck to you.

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  1. Grabbed my hand and slapped your own cheek, and then said “How dare you?” Great visual, and so</strong true.
    It's not that we nasty Atheists are venomous, hateful, sinful, blasphemous or arrogant; it's that we often refuse to believe some Christian's particular delusion. Poor baby. 😛

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  2. Great post again Ben! It’s funny (almost) all of human history proves time and again prayer doesn’t work. I can guarantee every sunken ship in the world had prayers muffled out by the sound of drowning. Weren’t all those boats sinking under the lords watchful eye with an opportunity to raise the faith of those on board as a banner of gods goodness? Our life here may not matter to him, but it matters to us. Doesn’t that mean anything to him at all? Of course not. Because he doesn’t exist. No decent sentient being would allow this.

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    1. Thanks Jim.
      I know a lot of people will say, “I have had prayers answered. I prayed for things and they happened. Only God could have done that.” Okay, what about all the times you prayed and nothing happened? Were those prayers unanswered or was the denial of your request the answer, albeit a different one than you had hoped for? How can you distinguish silence from a non-existent god and a test from an eternally existing one? How do you know God is there and quiet and not just absent altogether? Is coincidence what is non-existent and a mysterious god ever present? Who decides?
      A god who answers prayers at the same rate as chance isn’t living up to his promises and isn’t very impressive. Yet we are supposed to praise him as miraculous and loving. Based on what evidence?

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  3. Your honesty, integrity, and decency shine through with every word, gentle Ben. Don’t let the drive bys get to you, brother. Makes me think of my favorite Jesus lament: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Oh the irony!

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  4. Damon is the epitome of a indoctrinated delusional, religious nutter.

    He believes he believes, but his behaviour (based on interaction) and reading the stuff on his blog suggests that is all it is.
    He is largely ignorant of his religion and simply uses it as a big blanket to hide underneath.
    He needs professional help.

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  5. That was very well reasoned and beautifully expressed, Ben.

    Unfortunately religion cannot tolerate any kind of disent. Any disagreement with their beliefs, any inconvenient truths that contradict the teachings, even mere doubt, has to be suppressed vigorously lest people begin to realize that the whole thing is a house of cards teetering on the brink of collapse.

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    1. Thank you. I know first-hand how the church responds to any type of questioning. It’s either “fall in line and all is well” or you challenge the status quo and “you no longer belong here.”

      Anything built on faith rather than facts is on shaky ground from the start. It’s surprising how long it’s gone on, but things are beginning to change and head the other direction.

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  6. Keep doing what you’re doing, Ben. You’re a good writer — calm and thoughtful, not at all intemperate. I’ve had schizophrenics make similar threats as your fervent reader did, so they’re about equal when it comes to originality. It’s all desperate scare-mongering on their part, whether it stems from mental illness or just plain evangelism (I can’t tell the difference, sometimes).

    The fact that apologists exist is a pretty safe bet that their god almost certainly doesn’t. What sort of god worth worrying about relies on such incompetents as today’s brand of evangelicals?

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    1. Thanks. I’ve said it before: if the existence of God is up for debate, he doesn’t exist. A creator might possibly exist but we have no evidence to back that up. But a personal and “obvious” God most certainly does not exist. There is zero evidence to suggest that. If a god existed and wanted us all to know him, we all would. But we don’t.

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  7. The comments link is broken so I will respond this way. Re ” When I actually read the Bible myself, I learned so much more that churches tend to gloss over or ignore completely. ” I think it is worse that this. They make the story of Noah’s Ark into a children’s story with cute animals, etc. and don’t emphasize how their creator god who created us they way we are decided we were a flawed creation (so much for God being perfect) and decided to drown every man, woman, grandmother, infant, save eight people. The slaughter was even greater because of all the land animals being killed, except a few being saved, all of the aquatic animals being killed (due to the mixing of fresh and salt water) and all of the plants being killed by being immersed in water for over a year. This is the subject for a cute children’s story, various plastic models, and toys, etc.?

    On Sun, May 5, 2019 at 11:10 PM Life After Religion wrote:

    > Ben posted: “I was not planning on writing this post tonight. This subject > wasn’t on my list of things to write about, but here I am. I will try to be > a brief as I can. A WordPress reader told me a few days ago that I was > arrogant, blasphemous and was “spreading venom” >

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    1. The “flood story” is a disgusting story that gets glossed over nearly every time. I had the cutest little Noah’s Ark puzzle as a child with happy smiling animals poking their heads out. I didn’t know that the water they sailed on was full of rotting bloated corpses. That part somehow got left out.

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  8. Oh golly gee, Ben. If you had been a “real Christian,” you would have known that all you write is simply because you didn’t really know Jesus. *sarcasm*
    Another EXCELLENT post, my friend. I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t help saying it again … you have a real knack for putting thoughts into words and going straight for the jugular. A bit long, yes (you knew I was going to point that out, didn’t you?), but well worth reading. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Nan. The funny thing is that when I was about to post last night, I somehow managed to delete my entire post. Despite a valiant effort on my part to retrieve it, it was gone. So I rewrote it from memory. As it was near midnight, I was tired and forgot a lot of it. This rewritten post is the shorter version if you can believe that. 🙂

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      1. Oh yes — I’ve had that happen a time or two. Now I make sure I click on the “Save Draft” shortly after I start writing (providing I don’t get so involved in writing that I forget). Once you do that, all drafts are automatically saved by WP so you can retrieve them if, say, the power goes off … or you goof up. 😉

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  9. I apologize, Ben.
    It seems as if I am supposed to be a perfect creation if I claim to be a follower of Christ, to you, and all of the other people here who agree with your views.
    I’m not that perfect Christian.
    I have a big mouth and yes, I don’t take cutting people down lightly. I find that a lot in your posts of the ignorance of the religious buffoons that you love to rip into.
    It shows your true character, bro.
    Yep, I mentioned your blasphemous comments towards the Creator of all things: you, me and the universe. That’s risky, even if you choose not to believe it, in my opinion.
    I apologize, again. I will continue to pray for us. I should have kept my mouth shut. It only was a reflection of your ongoing hurt; something I really desire to avoid. I was far worse than you once, and I suppose that’s why the hatefulness still bleeds through at times. The bitterness, within. It’s not good for anyone.


    1. I don’t accept insincere apologies where you say sorry but then make sure to get your digs in. That’s cowardly, and frankly, just rude. There’s no hatred in me. There’s no malice. There’s no ego involved. I have no desire to win a conversation or to just “high five” like-minded people who understand where I am coming from. There’s just a desire to expose the lies of religion for the reasons I have already stated. I don’t intend to stop because I have much more to say. I would suggest if you don’t like me sharing what I share, just avoid my blog altogether. All you’ve offered is your opinion and not facts and then told me that you disapprove of me. If that’s all you’ve got to share then I’m not impressed nor interested. If you’ve got some evidence to share, by all means do share. If you’ve got something more substantial than insults and Bible verses, do share. If not, then you are not ready to have a grown up conversation. Goodbye.

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    2. You are a mealy-mouthed,little shit, Damon.
      I wrote on you blog that if you were truly a Christian as you claim you would have read Ben’s original post and kept your damn opinions to yourself and yet, here you are once again, offering your whining , sarcastic backhanded apology.

      You don’t take cutting down people lightly? Really?
      And just who the hell do you think you are ”cutting down?”
      Hilarious! What a pompous arse you are. You couldn’t cut yourself out of a wet paper bag, let alone Ben.

      The only one who is ignorant of the Christian religion in this scenario is most certainly you, Damon.

      Time you put on you big boy pants and began acting accordingly.

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      1. Wow…
        If I knew you, you’d maybe have a few teeth left..
        I’ll tell you what, after reading your continued insults towards me in the comments, far after I had removed myself from your little amusement park of self-righteousness, I was brought back by reading a comment from someone else from y’all’s little entourage and read you comment about me needing professional help.
        …yeah, your so incredibly worthy of praise…
        If anyone needs an adjustment, it’s you, oh great one.


      2. After writing a post saying why you shouldn’t have opened your big mouth, you come back and play the passive/ aggressive card and do exactly what you said you should not have done.
        What a are.
        Tell me, do you think your wife would be proud of your ”Christian” behaviour?

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      3. Coward? Moi?
        Because I call you out?
        What do you suggest? Shall we put on the gloves and go five rounds? Would you need ten minutes to pray beforehand or would you be good to go?
        Shall I arrange the theme from Rocky for you?
        As I noted before, the admission of your past addictions and acknowledged current on-going mental health issues, you would definitely benefit from seeking professional help, as based on your behaviour god-belief is obviously not cutting it.

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      4. To all,
        I’ve learned something from all of this: Don’t be like any of you.
        I have invited myself to your slanderous, unloving, hateful blog and have experienced nothing but the real heart of all of you. I’ve given myself over to the old ways that I cautiously try to watch, only to be tempted by all of you all’s madness.
        If you want to smear people, God, or whomever you believe needs to be beaten down with your “truth,” go ahead. I just cannot see how you can look at nature, your children, infinite space and the intricate things which make us able to be alive and well, and not see God?
        I am a very flawed man and I do have feelings, anger and breaking points. But, I also love. I know His love and I know what He has provided. I hope you all find some good in your lives, and learn to see it in others of any faith. Unlike you and I lately, I’m getting back to where my heart should be.


      5. On your way out, take this with you: You say that you “gave yourself over to the old ways” and that you were “tempted by all you all’s madness”. Umm, you left the very first comment that started all this ridiculousness. The very first one. You came with the threats and name-calling because you didn’t like what someone wrote on their own blog. You brought your own madness with you. We simply responded to it. But if you can’t handle people doing and saying “naughty”, un-Christian things, I suggest to you that you should stop peeking in their windows. That should keep you on the straight and narrow. Good luck to you.


      6. True. Faith is a tag I use because I talk about faith a lot. However, you already told me you’ve read more than one of my posts, not just the one you commented on. Reading one would give you an idea of what I believe or don’t believe. You could have walked away at one. Reading more than one post suggests curiosity. Curiosity is quite often a result of doubt. Oh well. You’re done now. I’ll let it be.


      7. Yes, I was curious to know why you must slaughter the faithful Christian with your blog, and why you choose to put it where you know they will see it. Don’t bother putting in your last words, okay?


      8. Sorry. My blog. My rules. My right to say what I want to say, when I want to say it. It’s up to you whether you read my words or walk away.

        I post in the faith category because I once had faith. Good faith. Strong faith. I don’t now. I know a lot of people of faith struggle with doubts and with issues within Christianity. I share so people like that can know they are not alone and they don’t have to feel trapped in a religion just to keep the peace or to not be discarded. Many people feel scared to leave. I did. Many people are scared of what a godless future holds. I was too.

        Slaughter the faithful Christian? If mere words hurt that bad then that’s not strong faith. People who are 100% sure that their faith is real don’t let words sting and leave a mark. I don’t attack any person. Not one individual. I address issues with the institution of religion, not the people themselves. Most Christians, yourself included, are not fully aware that the faith they defend is hateful and divisive. If you claim it’s not, then you have rejected the way Christianity was set up and made your own religion based on the more palatable parts. That’s how most Christians are. That’s how most people of any faith are. People always do what is most comfortable and I get that.

        If you believe in something, that’s fine. I don’t care. Believe and be happy. When you use your holy book as a weapon, then I care. You have shown that you keep your Bible cocked in your holster, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. I speak up against people like yourself who condemn and attack and then plead for tolerance from those who don’t believe. Tolerance is a two way street.

        If you want to believe in Jesus, go for it. I won’t speak against it. If you want to believe in Heaven and Hell, again I won’t speak against it. Beliefs are personal. Beliefs are okay. Usually, beliefs are harmless. It’s when those beliefs turn into harsh words and actions that they become an issue. Believing in a harmful religion is dangerous because more often than not, the beliefs of the followers of that religion turn into discrimination. Not always. There are exceptions.

        You want atheists to just be quiet and let people of faith have their beliefs yet you are determined to tell atheists what they should or shouldn’t believe themselves. Hypocrisy isn’t virtue. Hypocrisy is a warning sign that you need some introspection.


  10. Since your feelings are so easily hurt, I suggest you don’t visit atheist blogs. Far better to stick with “your kind” where you can all agree with each other and swap godly stories.

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  11. Brewster tipped his hand when he confessed on his blog to a difficult drug and alcohol abusive past. That’s not a good background for lucid, rational thought and inquiry. It’s probably excellent, though, for stimulating hallucinations and fantasies that are hard to separate from reality.

    It’s all very well when well-intentioned types talk glibly about respecting other peoples’ personal, subjective experiences, but it helps if those experiences comport to what most of us understand to be everyday reality. Talking or praying to Jesus, and believing in non-existent “sins” like blasphemy, with divine retribution to follow, doesn’t cut it.

    Ark called out Brewster on his own blog, and Brewster failed to rise to the challenge.

    “Game over, man. Game over.”

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    1. If you are certain someone is wrong and you tell them so, be prepared to defend your position. If you can’t, then your argument falls flat.


      1. If you’re going to delete comments, delete them all or delete the whole post. If you are trying to create the illusion that you are right by just deleting an opposing view, that’s unbelievably dishonest…even for a Christian.

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      2. Yeah, he deleted all the comments between him and Ark. He just left the 2 comments between him and another Christian patting each other on the back. That’s honest, right? “Let me keep my post where I look like the good evangelist who stood up for God and just delete the conversation that showed how I failed to to be able to defend my position. I can look like a good Christian to other Christians and that’s good enough.”

        Well, I don’t delete comments on my blog so his words are here to stay. He’s going to have to live with them. I’m an honest type of heathen, you know. 🙂

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  12. BOOM! This is one of those posts where if you would saying it in public you would drop the mike afterwards. Another well written post that I can relate to, although I didn’t invest nearly as much time into Christianity as you did.

    In my two years of blogging I have only had one religious person ridicule it, saying the golden line ‘I will pray for you’. You must be doing something right 😉

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    1. My words are written to enlighten, not hurt. When my words strike a nerve, it’s the offended party that needs to take another look within. Words only hurt when you disagree with them. When you disagree with them, you should defend your position. If you can’t, then the words are hurtful because deep down you know them to be true.

      If people want to walk away from a debate and just pray instead, that is the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “la la la la la. I can’t hear you!” That’s counterproductive. They are welcome to it, but that is just avoidance. Oh well. I can’t please everyone. Maybe in my next post. 🙂

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      1. People tend to get offended when you even subtly imply that their religion is hogwash. They don’t want to believe it, which is the problem. Deconversion is a long process for many.

        Well as you know, God is meant to stand in and do all the work for them, right? :p

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    2. Ben invested twenty-five years of his life into the Christian thing. More than enough. Longer than many marriages last. No fundie theist can say he didn’t give it his best shot.

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  13. If it’s any consolation, Ben, I don’t get any sense of you being either arrogant or bitter. Christian ‘love’ is sometimes conveyed in such an aggressive, personal and cutting manner that it has to be responded to forcefully; then of course the conveyers of that love perceive themselves as victims. I’m not saying this of Brewster alone; I’ve experienced the same sort of thing many, many times myself, usually beginning with, ‘you’re going to hell so I’ll pray for you’. If only they could resist poking the lion it might go on sleeping. As it is, however, they feel compelled to provoke.

    You have your life back now, Ben, which, if I can borrow a phrase from somewhere, is to be free indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Neil. Christian “love” does almost always come across as denigration and hate. And when you defend against it, somehow you are accused of being the aggressor. I do understand where the people who do this are coming from. I was once like them and, at first, used the same tactics. I “knew not what I was doing.”

      It is good to have my life back and to be in control of my own destiny. We all have the power to choose our own path. Sadly, too many of us give us that power and exchange it for false hope.

      Thanks for the comment and support. It’s nice to hear from you.


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