Jesus Is My Rock

Many people claim to have Jesus in their hearts. They claim to be in a personal relationship with him where they converse and he answers their prayers. He is said to give them strength and embolden them. He is, as they say, their “rock.” Some people have gone a step further and have taken this literally.

I heard of this story about a month ago, but just got around to talking about it now. It is the story of a woman named Shae House of Virginia. She was walking in the woods when she came upon a rock formation. The rocks seemed to form a face, and not just any face, the face of Jesus himself. You can see a short video clip of her experience here:

She saw things that most people wouldn’t see in this formation because of her predisposition to all things Christian. A Muslim or Jew might see a face in the rock, as humans tend to pick out familiar patterns. Even an atheist would be able to see something that resembled a face, but they most assuredly would not think of Jesus.

According to one article I read, she asked this, “Do you see the nose, shut eyes, crown of thorns, bruised and puffy left eye, punched-wounded- puffy left cheek, beard, mustache, hair, long hair down the right side?”

She was walking just a few miles from the campus of Liberty University, one of the largest Christian universities in the world when she stumbled upon the rock.

“I was listening to my praise and worship music on my phone and was praising God humming, I just didn’t think I’d SEE God,” she said.

She was listening to praise music, just off the campus of a Christian university when she thinks she saw Jesus. That’s amazing. (eye roll)

“The more you stare the more you see! It’s absolutely beautiful! And you shall see signs and wonders! Praise God!” 

And there you have it. Jesus revealed himself to a Christian woman out in the woods near a Christian university as she sang along to worship and praise music. I see a bit of a problem here. Do you see it? No? Well if you are or were a Christian, the Bible says a thing or two about personal revelation. Does it say anything about images of Jesus popping up on things instead of Jesus revealing himself in person? Umm….no.

In Matthew 18:20 Jesus said, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” In John 14:13, he said, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  Then in John 15:7, he says this, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

These are things that many (including myself) have tried and tested. I was a devout Christian, trusting in Jesus and praying earnestly for his blessings and approval. I wanted nothing more than to be closer to him and to do only the things he asked of me. I prayed again and again for him to draw closer to me and to guide my feet along the path that would lead me to heaven one day. Every time I had my prayers answered with silence. There was no sign. There was no hint or even a brief glimpse of Jesus being there with me or answering my prayers. There was nothing. I did each and every thing commanded of me and trusted wholeheartedly that the Bible was correct and Jesus would be pleased with me. But there was nothing given to me each and every time.

Then we see stories of people like Shae House who have Jesus confirm their faith by appearing in a rock. And of course, there’s this:dog butt

Yes, for those of you wondering, that is Jesus Christ himself appearing to us on a dog’s ass. Hallelujah. Here is another one:crab-jesus

Here we see Jesus on the shell of a horseshoe crab. There is also the case of Jesus appearing inside of someone’s orange:


The list goes on and on. There are endless examples of objects that people claim to have seen Jesus in. Where he has never shown himself, you ask? Where the Bible promises he would be. He isn’t there when two or more gather. He doesn’t give you anything when you ask for it in his name. Not even when you ask for him to help keep you from losing your faith, as in my case. I prayed in Jesus’ name for my faith to be strengthened and renewed and he ignored me each time I prayed for it.

When someone prays for their dying child to be saved, Jesus is nowhere to be found, but when someone is carefree and singing in the woods, he’ll show up in a rock. When someone is crying out in their depression asking for a sign before they end their life, he is again silent. Yet somewhere on a dog’s ass he smiles upon us. When children are molested, raped, tortured or killed, he sits back and allows it while remaining hidden. But we’re supposed to believe he has shown himself on a crab shell?

Let’s just say that these are actual signs of his existence. Let’s just say that Jesus is leaving us proof that he exists. What does that mean for us? Sure, it would be evidence that he is real, but it would also be evidence that he is not who the Bible portrays him to be. It would be proof that he exists, while all of the atrocities in the world would be proof that he doesn’t care or is incapable of doing anything about them. He would be proven to be a fraud and also a weak, impotent god. Showing people you exist by revealing your image on random objects is not what people need. Living up to your promises would be something else. Saying, “I’m totally real, but you’re all on your own” doesn’t do much for me. How about you?

Sightings of objects with images resembling Jesus are nothing new. People see whatever they want, wherever they want. If they want to see Jesus, they will see him, even if you have to have the light just right and really squint your eyes. That doesn’t make the images a sign from God and it doesn’t prove Jesus is real. Jesus actually doing something would prove he is real. That has yet to happen. But if looking at a crab or a rock gives you comfort and gives you stronger faith, have at it.

I know a little bit about looking at things that are ordinary objects and seeing something resembling a person. I am from New Hampshire where the pictures on our license plates, road signs and many other things have the image of the Old Man of the Mountain. I used to take camping trips as a kid up in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. One of the highlights of our trips was coming around the corner in the road to see the image of the face appear. We’d wait and wait and then there it would be. In reality, it was nothing really that special. It was just a rock formation up in the White Mountains here in NH that resembled the face of an old man. Daniel Webster, a statesman from NH, once said this of the Old Man, “Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men.”

old man

The Old Man of the Mountain and my faith have something in common. They once left me in awe, but eventually crumbled and fell. So much for being God’s sign to the world.


Please, just stop with this nonsense that Jesus is somehow revealing himself to prop up your faith and give you strength. Ask yourself where Jesus is when you really need him? Where was he when you went through that personal tragedy? Where was he when innocent children died? Where was he when all of the wars happened, diseases spread and people who wanted to keep their faith lost it? Where was he when you prayed? Was he there with you, answering your prayer and proving himself to be real? Or was he in an orange or on a crab somewhere? A loving god wouldn’t tease his followers with images of himself while remaining silent during the times he should have shown up to help. A real god would be there for you when you need him. An invented God shows up on a dog’s ass.

55 thoughts on “Jesus Is My Rock

    1. Thanks. Keep on praying and let me know how it turns out. Every one of my prayers over my lifetime was unanswered, but if you’ve figured out how to be the one to get through to God and get a response, go for it. Keep on praying and bring me back into the light. 🙂

      Funny how you know about my “ongoing blasphemy” though. You’d think that one time would make a believer turn away, yet here you are to threaten me out of love for the Lord. How sweet.

      Oh and don’t bother telling me I was never a believer to begin with. I’ve already heard that. Try something original if you are interested in saving my soul. I have a feeling though, that you aren’t concerned with me and my relationship to God. I have a sneaky suspicion that my words just offended you and nothing more. Not long ago, the words I now write would have offended me as well.

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      1. You know little of me, or God. I’m sorry for that. I’ve read your posts and see your hate. I really am concerned for your sinful nature and I do pray you are brought to Him.. again??
        Yes, you do offend me. You are arrogant and I do struggle with not wanting to lash out. I’m a singular man as well. I just don’t deny Him, like you make a daily effort to do. Thanks for your response.


      2. If you have really read my posts, you shouldn’t see hate, but rather hurt and disappointment from religion. You should see my eyes being opened to truth and speaking to that. It’s not hate towards God but rather the realization that if there is a god, he cares not one bit about his creation. Go ahead and lash out if it makes you feel better. Let it all out. I’ve been on both sides and felt the emotions of a believer and a non-believer. Letting out emotions is a healthy thing to do, even if you are wrong. I’m not arrogant whatsoever. What I am is honest. And if my honesty comes off as arrogant to some, so be it. It’s not my intent but I make no apologies for speaking my mind. I make no daily effort to deny God. I just fail to see any evidence of God whatsoever on a daily basis.

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      3. Shutting down dialogue rarely resolves differences but I’ve come to expect this type of reaction when dealing with the subject of religion. I don’t have all of the answers, just personal experience. I am always open to sharing that with anyone, which is what this blog is all about. None of what I write is meant to be offensive, but I fully expect many to feel that way.

        As far as God “working you and I out”, I am not concerned. A god who has ignored me all of my life, most of which was devoted to finding and drawing closer to him, is the one responsible for how I feel and what I believe now…if such a god exists. If my response to his eternal game of hide and seek causes him to punish me for all eternity, I was doomed from the start anyway. He avoided me at all costs when I was loyal and devoted, but once that stopped, he now cares about me enough to show me wrath? What kind of god withholds love and interaction to a willing participant but rains down judgement when that person loses hope on account of God’s inaction?

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      1. I had a quick look before I posted.
        You seem to have had a very rough upbringing, which from my experience, is often a precursor to being drawn into religion.
        Was something like this what happened in your case?


      2. No, no in my case. It was the acknowledgement of sin and the hurt it has caused me, others and the Lord. The Lord I was made aware of through the lifestyle I used to lead and the physical / spiritual encounter I once had.
        Thanks for browsing


      3. We seem to be identifying the same thing but using different terms.
        If you could further clarify it would be appreciated.
        On your blog, you allude to an abusive upbringing, (or at least you parents were in an abusive relationship that rubbed off) drugs, alcohol. and depression.
        Numerous online Christians I have interacted with have expressed similar symptoms (all or one or the other) as a precursor to ”finding the lord”.
        Could you explain with more detail how your case is different?


      4. I had a personal experience that I know was my Lord during a call out to Him. If you haven’t had the experience, how, or even why would you believe me? Your preexisting beliefs won’t change your mind about how you “see” my life, via a few words on a blog. Blessings to you!


      5. You don’t believe there is such thing as sin, do you? I’ll pray for you as well. Enjoyed your questions, Arkenaten. I’m sorry you can’t open your heart to anything other than your intellect, just like everyone who does not know our Lord.


      6. I am interested in why you believe in sin and what caused you to take the path you did.

        Why is this so difficult for you to respond to?


      7. I could, but why? You want to justify your point. I get it. I believe because I was part of the devil’s way, but was later convicted while asking Jesus to make Himself known, then Holy Spirit came. If you don’t have Him, you’ll know Nothing of His truth. Only your own “truth”. John 15:6 says Christ is the truth. I know firsthand what He meant, now.


      8. Why? Because I want to know why and thus understand the reason for your belief.

        You seem to be sincere in your belief.
        I want to understand the evidence you have that prompted this belief.
        And thus I asked why you did not seek professional help and why you called to Jesus rather than any pother faith.


      9. I am not saying they are not.
        I am asking how you know or at least why you believe they are..
        Faith is not evidence,
        If you wish to convince others of your sincerity and that what you beleive is true then why are you being so taciturn with you replies?


      10. The words in the bible are NOT authentic! For truth and reality you must read the Koran. Read the following passage and bow before Allah.

        “This Book is not to be doubted…. As for the unbelievers, it is the same whether or not you forewarn them; they will not have faith. God has set a seal upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed and grievous punishment awaits them.”
        Quran 2:1/2:6-2:10

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  1. Loved this post! (Thank you for the personal reading of it to me also.)

    I wonder why God would put so much effort into creating these ways to be discovered in random objects. Seems like creating idols of himself which in my opinion takes away from what Christianity has led us to believe he is supposed to be like.


    1. To “believe” in something it must be true. Christianity is a lie. Only Islam is real.
      “He that chooses a religion over Islam, it will not be accepted from him and in the world to come he will be one of the lost.”
      Quran 3:85


    1. If you don’t completely buy into it all, you’re a blasphemer. Though I think Jesus would be a less offended being called a pirate than if he was condemned by Pontius pirate. 🙂

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  2. Probably somewhere in India, there’s a rocky outcrop that some say resembles Ganesh. After all, there’s enough random bits of rock around the globe to fulfill just about everyone’s favorite deity or spiritual crush.

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  3. Sin nature never died, a sin fallen world never died but he died with sin for the world so that we would be saved through him. So that we’d also be free from sin and darkness the mirror we should be looking into is Christ not the darkness and pain of this world. You believed in Jesus but you seem to have not believed in the power of darkness? The power of faith in Christ is to change us not the circumstances that surround us. The purpose of faith is to rely and look to Christ completely. Substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen. There are horrible things in the world but why do you blame God for it all? He loves you brother and that’ll never change no matter how much doubt and unbelief you have he will never change. His covenant of love will never change. I pray he’d reveal himself to you in ways you believe are impossible. Bless you and thank you for sharing your heart.


    1. I did believe. I believed in the light and the darkness…until I realized it no longer made any sense to me. I tried to still believe anyway. It didn’t work. Studying the scriptures didn’t help. Prayers didn’t help. In fact, not one single promise in the Bible came to fruition. I then studied the history of the Bible and found its very man-made origins and all the changes made to it along the way. Funny how God’s word can be changed by man and shared to billions all while God remains silent.

      If you can show me evidence of God outside of the Bible and not just by faith (believing without evidence) then I’m all ears. But I no longer believe in things just based on words or just because I really really want them to be real. What evidence do you have that any of it is true?

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      1. I am sorry brother that makes me very sad. I’ve seen God he’s changed me and my whole life. Dreams, visions answered prayers. He speaks. He’s spoken through my children I am in awe of my lord and what’s he’s done in those around me. My marriage has transformed because of Jesus. I believe because I HAVE seen and I don’t need to see to believe he’s there the Holy Spirit flooded me with love at 17 years old and changed my heart and mind forever. The evidence is my heart, my life. I will proclaim to the ends of the earth about Jesus. I love you and I am so very sorry that you’ve not yet met the Jesus I know.


      2. Almost every believer has these types of experiences at some point. I thought God was speaking to me on several occasions. Looking back, I inserted God into unexplained occurrences. It made more sense to me to believe in God than to say “I don’t know.” But for every one of those seemingly answered prayers, there were hundreds of unanswered ones. When my doubts got overwhelming and I needed God the most, there was nothing but silence as a response to my prayers. My cries went ignored.

        You see, personal experiences and personal “visions” can be explained in a million different ways without God. Personal revelation cannot be corroborated or proven to others. An obvious, personal and loving God wouldn’t hide from those who seek him and allow them to leave the faith and write blog posts like mine when all they wanted in life was to draw closer to him.

        I appreciate your concern, but what I needed most was God and it was God I prayed to relentlessly and sincerely. If God was listening, he turned his back. If God was listening to my prayers, he felt they were unworthy. Jesus said anything asked for in his name would be given. ANYTHING. So, is a closeness to God anything? Is an end to my doubts anything? Is guidance from God for a willing follower anything?

        In the moments when my faith was crumbling, God was silent. The past experiences where I thought he was there didn’t help when my world was falling apart. I needed support. I needed answers. I needed guidance. I needed love. God saw fit to ignore all of it.

        So I need more than others’ experiences. I need more than prayers. I need something undeniable to make me change course. I would bow down, worship and serve in an instant if I could be shown the reality of God. And if God is listening, he would know that already…and I still hear that silence. In fact, that silence is deafening.


      3. Maybe he’s coming in the ways you don’t want. Maybe the fact that I am here encouraging you back to Christ is God reaching out to you and you deny his love for you, you deny him all together. I don’t want to argue back and fourth because I know my God and you’ve had your experience and it wasn’t the same. I will pray for you brother because you are important and I was drawn to you on purpose. There is a overwhelming sorrow in my heart about your words and story. I encourage to take heart and don’t give up on our Lord. I know it’s hard I have my daily doubts and struggles being a young mom of 4 we all do but the disciples were the perfect examples of great faith in the Christ. His word encourages me everyday to persevere and run the race. That’s what I will do. Those who doubt in what they ask are like a leaf blowing back and fourth by the wind. Fight the good fight please don’t give up.


  4. When I was little, I was told a story about when my great grandmother was dying. Apparently she said something like “They’re all dressed in white and they’re coming to take me.” So yes, of course, people see what they want to see and also she may have been oxygen deprived. I love that you use bible quotes. So many religious people never read their so-called ‘holy’ book.

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    1. My father used to tell me about his near death experience when his heart stopped beating during open heart surgery. He had all these images he remembered vividly and it was so believable when I was younger. I was fully convinced he actually left his body. It was proof to me of an afterlife. But him hearing the doctors speaking, seeing my sister (who wasn’t dead) float through a window or him remembering things from the operating room…well these things are rather easily explainable and some of it seems to be a lack of oxygen in his case as well.

      Yeah, Bible quotes help because it’s all right there in black and white (and sometimes red) It’s hard to defend something if you don’t know it and when the opposition knows it quite well. I use a lot of quotes that I once leaned on like a crutch for support and now are merely empty promises. A lot of people who believe have created their own version of Christianity that they feel comfortable with and say it’s good enough. The problem is that the book that their religion is based on disagrees quite a bit with their beliefs. It is what it is…I didn’t write it. 🙂

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