It You Think It Takes Balls To Say The Earth Is Flat, Try Using Basketballs.

I came across a short article about a person who demonstrated how round objects can appear flat. In his case, he used a basketball and a camera with a good macro lens. The results showed that a very round object can appear quite flat when magnified many times, even though the object is very clearly spherical. The photographer, Jeff, said this:

“Looking at my photos, it’s easy to imagine being an incredibly small creature living on the surface of the basketball. From the perspective of that tiny creature, the ‘horizon’ of the basketball would always look ‘flat’.”


There’s nothing more that needs to be added to this. I think the evidence for the conclusions speaks for itself. You can read the article here.

Oh, and one more thing:


14 thoughts on “It You Think It Takes Balls To Say The Earth Is Flat, Try Using Basketballs.

    1. It’s for anyone who is blind enough to believe the earth is flat. And for the rest of us to have a good laugh about the fact there are still people who buy into the flat Earth theory.

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  1. I’m not really sure exactly why this flat earth nonsense seems to have taken off. I suspect that a lot of this is simply hype by the media and that it isn’t as widespread as it seems. They’ve found an odd story that seems to attract a lot of interest so they’re running with it because it generates revenue. It’s like crime. The crime rate in the US has been going down for years, but you wouldn’t know that if all you do is watch TV news. So I don’t think there are really anywhere near as many people who actually believe this as we think.

    The other thing is that people are, when it comes down to it, weird. They will outwardly adopt a political position or religious believe or even nonsense like this, not because they really believe it, but because it lets them fit into a community, or because they get attention or financial or some or type of gain from pretending they believe.

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  2. By rights, all creationists should believe the earth is flat. After all, there’s plenty of biblical references to it — “pillars of the earth”; “far corners of the world”, etc, in Job, or Samuel, for instance– though they get around this by claiming that no-one takes this literally: it’s meant to be purely figurative, metaphoric, and so on.

    Fine by me. But why not apply the same reasoning to the creation stories in Genesis, or the miracle accounts in the Gospels?

    Ah, that’s another thing altogether…

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  3. What???!?!? You’re kidding me … right? The earth isn’t flat? Awww c’mon. You can’t be serious!

    Oh wait. Now that I look outside, there is this bump. I think some people call it a hill or a mountain or something like that. Maybe you’re right after all. Surely if the earth were flat, there would be no bumps.

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