Climate change is not a topic I am at all qualified to speak about. I, like most people, am a casual observer and I get my information from the usual places. TV news, internet, magazines, etc… These sources give me a glimpse of the world around me. I was never one to get concerned about greenhouse gases, climate change, global warming or any other buzz words that the “liberal media” liked to talk about. Why not? Was I a climate change denier? No, but as a Christian looking forward to a new Heaven and Earth, I was unconcerned by temporary setbacks on this planet. I have changed and I have changed almost as quickly as our climate changes around us…and that’s pretty fast.

I looked at melting glaciers as no big deal. We’ve been through ups and downs throughout human history, so I was sure we’d be okay. Melting ice draining into the ocean? So what? It didn’t affect me here in my tiny town in my tiny state in the Northeastern part of the United States. That stuff was happening thousands of miles away. Big deal. I’ve got to prepare my soul for the return of Jesus. That was what was real to me. That was what was important. The way man has polluted the planet and poisoned it didn’t concern me one bit. Then the change in my life hit me and my views shifted like the sheet ice that breaks off and flows through the ocean. That’s a fast and violent change and it can dramatically alter the landscape. I know it changed mine.

Jesus is not coming back. There is no evidence of that and any evidence that he even existed at all is questionable. It’s all speculation based on ancient hearsay. So what does that mean for me? It means that I cannot sit here and wait for Jesus to come and fix our mess. I cannot wait for God to step in, do some magic and restore the earth. Again, there is simply no evidence to suggest that will happen or even that he exists. Climate change, however does have evidence. It can be observed. It is happening and the results are dramatic and concerning. I have four children who will be inheriting this earth from me and those before me. Our impact here will determine their future. Sitting around and hoping for a magic trick from a being who has never answered a single prayer is foolish. Ignoring the damage and putting on our blinders just add to the problem. I can’t do much about it personally as I am just the average American person; unqualified and uneducated in such things. But I am a registered voter and change can happen with a simple vote if used properly.

Greenland glaciers are not something that cross my mind all that often. I don’t lie awake at night and dream of a country that is 80% covered in ice. But Greenland is a good place to look at to get an idea of how bad things are getting and how fast they are getting there. Here’s a short video about the melting glaciers in Greenland. It’s only about 6 minutes, but there’s some fascinating facts contained in there:

Greenland’s glacial ice has lakes that form as the ice melts. Freshwater from the melting ice flows from the surface of the glacier all the way down through moulins. Moulins are holes or shafts that can go all the way through to the bottom and flow into the ocean. These openings can be small but sometimes can get as wide as thirty feet across.

Small moulin


Large moulinmoulin2

Some melting is normal of course and is beneficial to keep ocean salinity in check. Too much can be devastating to all kinds of life, not to mention the rise in sea levels and what that can mean to life around the world. Are we going to ignore the change around us and pretend it’s not happening? Are we going to sit back and laugh at facts while we wait for our invisible and unobservable friend in Heaven to swoop in and save the day? How do we explain the changes around us? Is it our fault that needs immediate attention or is it part of a bigger plan and is no threat to us? Are we going to make excuses for the observable glacial retreat happening in front of our eyes? I know that most of us don’t live in Greenland or any of the places where these things are happening so it can be easy to ignore if we choose to. Can the locals do the same? Not very likely that the Inuit natives of Greenland are as blinded as I was when my eyes were clouded by the indoctrination of Christianity.


“Yes?” said Lusa.

“I think the glaciers are getting smaller all the time. Do you think the development of industry here has anything to do with it? I think that what happens here, combined with the rest of the world is destroying our planet.”

“Oh silly Muktuk. Don’t you remember the missionaries that visited us a few years ago? Don’t you remember their message to us?”

“Yes. So what?”

“I asked them about our changing world and why all the ice was breaking away. I asked how that fit into their story of redemption and wonder. Don’t you remember what they said?”

“I do, but…”

“Let me refresh your memory. In order for the end of this world to come, we have to reach a critical point where there looks to be no hope. Then and only then will our savior return. That’s why the ice is breaking so fast. It’s not global warming. No, no, no. We had a great and wise prophet who visited our country many years ago. There’s no local record of him, but the missionaries reassured us that he was real. And who are we to question men of God, right? His name was Eski-Moses. He took his staff made from the tusk of a narwhal and thrust it into the ice. The earth shook and the ice began to crack and melt. This action set the freshwater free that was once held captive. It was the beginning of the end…of this world. But remember, there is a much better world to come. Rest easy and stop worrying so much. It will all be made right if we just do nothing and wait for the savior to come back.”

This is not how most people think. Outside of religion, people take notice of dangers facing us on earth. People outside of religion think of future generations who have to live here and deal with the consequences of our actions today. Religion seems to take the alarming news of climate change and smile, as it is just prophecy being fulfilled. Religion, for me, helped me to ignore or downplay the seriousness of what we’ve done to this planet. Since leaving religion, I’ve have to rethink everything and take a look at things that I would dismiss and ignore as a Christian. When I thought Superman was going to fly back into our lives and fix it all, I was relaxed. Everything was going to be just fine. When he turned out to be just a fictional character designed to make us feel better, things changed and they changed fast.

I’m not here to start a protest or a lead movement. I’m just trying to maybe get people to think for themselves instead of getting caught up in the type of fantasy that will lead to the destruction of this planet and threaten the lives of our children and grandchildren. Following a story in a book without evidence is keeping us from reality and there’s plenty of evidence around us that should scare us. Amazing Grace worked in reverse for me. I once was blind (as a believer) but now I see. Amen.

18 thoughts on “Change

      1. It begins:


        1. We believe Earth and its ecosystems—created by God’s intelligent design and infinite power and sustained by His faithful providence —are robust, resilient, self-regulating, and self-correcting, admirably suited for human flourishing, and displaying His glory. Earth’s climate system is no exception. Recent global warming is one of many natural cycles of warming and cooling in geologic history.

        Essentially, the whole things boils down to “Use fossil feuls, God is in control.”

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      2. Thanks for that. I was just looking at their website. It’s very much like any church I’ve attended. “Stick to the Bible and ignore everything else. God will handle it. He’s in control.”

        That sort of thinking leads to inaction. Inaction leads to destruction that could be prevented. When a group like the Christians that have billions of adherents ignores the problems we face, it has a huge impact on our planet. Not all Christians are like that but many are and it’s holding all of us back. I admit I was wrong. If only 2 billion more people like me could do the same, just think of what we could accomplish.

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      3. The LDS teach “the earth is full and enough to spare”. Mormons generally believe they have carte blanche authority over the earth and there’s nothing little ol insignificant man can do to it. She’ll recover.

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      4. The earth will recover if we ignore things long enough. I agree. Why? Because we’ll all die. And without humans around to screw things up, the earth can start over again.

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      5. I have evidence that if we each make an effort, it may be enough to preserve mankind for another rebirth. Preserve your own little bit and who knows, someone will benefit from that some day.

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      6. Dirty knees from planting trees is far more beneficial than dirty knees from praying for help. Recycling our trash is far more beneficial than recycling the garbage of religion. There’s a lot we can do and it doesn’t involve hiding behind a book.

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  1. What really matters is that the faithful believe it is all God’s plan. “No worries mate, she’ll be right.” With their plan, either way the earth and humankind loose!!! These idiots want to use up all the resources preparing for the final battle and everyone gets wiped out in the process. GROG

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  2. What irritates me most Ben about the majority of Abrahamic faith-followers, in particular the zealous Christian and Muslim followers is there apathy about the condition or fate of this world — a world THEY believe belongs to evil or Satan or Infidels and is doomed anyway. Hence, they ultimately could care less because for them in their warped mentally ill minds… it’s all prophesied as the End Times anyway exactly as God planned it and wants it… as punishment. Even punishment to all infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents that really don’t understand any of it. That to me is the most INHUMANE mentality and behavior imaginable. 😦

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    1. Absolutely. I agree. When you’re involved with the church, you are taught that everything, good and bad, is part of a higher plan. The earth dying, children being killed and everything else is all God’s will. Who are we to interfere with God’s divine plan? I was guilty of this way of thinking once. I was part of a group that condoned atrocity after atrocity because of a book that said these things had to happen in order for things to be made right again. It is now so obviously wrong, but back then the reasoning seemed solid.

      I don’t have all the answers to the world’s problems. All I know is that I want nothing to do with any group that ignores them or justifies them with stories and myth. I never want to be part of the problem again. If everyone waits for God to fix everything, then nothing will get done and we’ll destroy everything that much faster.

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  3. Ben, you are being too modest. Saying that about not having answers the world’s problems? I’m joking. Certainly there are many, huge problems, and complicated. I can’t even imagine how many would be solved if god went away. A world without the delusion of, as Hitchens called him, a celestial dictator! Wouldn’t that be nice? GROG

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    1. Yes. It would be nice to approach problems with some thought instead of yielding to words in a book purported to be coming from God. You know, realistic approaches that could make a difference?


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