A Tree Hugger And His Friends

Life around the bird feeder. A knocked-over feeder led to this squirrel hiding. The chipmunk came out to enjoy the feast. The butterfly had half a tail missing, as if someone tried to make a feast out of it.

I see you behind there
tree hugger
If you aren’t guilty, then why are you hiding?
tree hugger 2
I startled this chipmunk and he lost part of his stolen meal
chip 5
It doesn’t look like he lost too much of it
chip 6
Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly. It looks like someone swallowed half of his tail. Poor thing


18 thoughts on “A Tree Hugger And His Friends

  1. I have set a small garden plot near our living room windows. I put about 150 sunflower seeds in it. Seems a good portion are coming up , now about three to four inches tall. I am so looking forwards to the birds that shall come enjoy the feast. If other small critters wish a bite or two I won’t complain. Hugs

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    1. Hopefully you’ll get many different species in your garden. It’s always fun to see new visitors. Observing nature is very relaxing and at times can be quite entertaining. There was a time a couple of years ago when my son and I watched a bald eagle fly over our house…only to do a huge poop. We went from “ooh how majestic” to “oh c’mon man!” in just a few seconds. It was a memorable experience and made us laugh.

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  2. My favorite kind of tree hugger! ha ha. Squirrels are so smart, but rather irritating. I still think they are cute. We had some that kept trying to attack our feeder. I bought a baffle, but that little stinker still got on the feeder. So we had to keep moving it over until the squirrel couldn’t jump on it anymore. So then it decided to slide down the side of our house and try to jump. It was really funny watching that persistent squirrel.

    Your chipmunk is so cute! And aww, poor butterfly! Such close up photos. I love them!

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    1. We tried a baffle a while back and I swear the squirrels just looked at it for a minute, laughed, and then got right up on the feeder to take all the food. I like squirrels but they scare off most of the birds. Oh well. They are still fun to watch.

      Squirrels sliding down houses and jumping off roofs are funny to watch. I like watching them think they are so smart by hanging upside down on a feeder only to lose their grip and fall off.

      We have a million chipmunks that live around here. They have made holes all over my yard. They are noisy and annoying…but they are adorable.

      I wish I had a better camera to get more detailed close-ups. I have to get myself fairly close to my targets to get anything decent but I scare more things away than I capture. I’ll get a new one someday.

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      1. Well thank you. I appreciate that. I do like my pictures, but I always want to do better. I always try to do more than I’m capable of. It’s tough being a perfectionist who is so far from perfect. πŸ™‚

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      2. Where we lived before, the squirrels were THICK! We did find a bird feeder they couldn’t access. It was one you stuck in the ground and was fairly lightweight with very small openings — just for the birds. Our earlier attempts at hanging something in the tree were totally unsuccessful .. so we finally gave up and filled them with sunflower seeds — just for the squirrels. πŸ˜€

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