Balloon Party

Some photos of the different stages of the balloon flower. (Platycodon grandifloras) They are called balloon flowers due to the “balloon-like” appearance of its buds. They start out like a normal flower bud but as they mature, they look they have been inflated and are “all puffed up”. We’ve got a lot of these perennials in our yard, which is a good thing because I think they are beautiful.

Young bud
Getting bigger and “inflating” a bit
Getting its purple color….Almost ready to “pop”
Full bloom 



14 thoughts on “Balloon Party

      1. How long are they in bloom? I hate that most blooms last 2 weeks then die. I got this one plant and it says to just pick the dead heads off and they rebloom. Sure enough, they do!

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      2. You know, I’m not really sure. There are so many plants and each one has multiple buds and flowers in different stages that it seems they are in bloom for quite a while. They just started opening so I’ll have to watch and see how long thy last.

        I don’t know if they keep reblooming or not. I never paid that much attention to them I guess. Reblooming flowers are cool.

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      3. Haha!! What you don’t have time to keep track of when they bloom? Just teasing. You must have a lot of flowers in your yard. Did you or your wife plant them all? When we moved in our house, the previous owners planted some. My mom gave me some of her plants like hostas, tiger lilies, and stone crop. I planted many more. I can’t remember what half of them are even called.

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      4. Lol. I am sure I have plenty of time. I just never thought to check. I see flowers and I’m like, “Ooh, pretty flower” and then I’m off to the next thing. I think they just opened yesterday or today. I see how long they last….maybe. I think I’ve lost interest already. 🙂


    1. Yes. Sorry. You know me well enough to know that half of what is said to me, I don’t pay attention to. 🙂 It’s not intentional. It’s a guy thing. But yes, I do most of the planting and most (all) of the work.

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