Some More Flowers…And A Frog Again

Just a few more photos of some flowers around the house and my frog friend:

Asiatic Lily
Asiatic Lily by the pond
lily 2
Yellow Asiatic Lily
lily 3
Stella De Oro Daylily
lily 4
Purple Perennial (I forget the name of this one) with unknown flying insect
flower bug
Frog on his favorite rock in the pond. Not the best shot, but you gotta love his smile ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “Some More Flowers…And A Frog Again

    1. I tell my frog every day how handsome and special he is. I tell him he’s more than just a slimy swamp thing. No, not really. I mostly try to catch him to show my kids and hope I don’t get peed on in the process. No luck so far.

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  1. We have toads around our house, and we love them. When my kids were smaller, we had a little toy Noah’s ark that sat by the back steps. It was in a shady spot, and there was an old toad who would get in the ark every day. We named him Noah, of course.

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