Truth Does Not Need Your Help

Have you ever had to be told that the sun is hot? Did someone have to sit you down and explain to you that water is wet? Has anyone knocked on your door with a handful of literature and asked to speak with you about how you need to eat food to survive? I know I haven’t. Why? These are universal truths. These are simple truths. No matter where you are on earth, these truths are understood by everyone. Simple truths require no education to understand them. They are plain for all to see. How is it that a god who is obvious to people of religion (as a hot sun is to everyone else) needs to be explained?  Why does a person need to be convinced of “things unseen” in order for them to believe in a god that we are told should be obvious to everyone?


Here’s the thing about universal truth. It doesn’t need an ambassador. It doesn’t need someone to climb a mountain top and scream it out. It’s already known and accepted by all. You don’t need to drive to a building on Sunday morning to sit and listen to a man at a pulpit tell you how the world is trying to deceive you and keep you from knowing the truth; clouds are real.


Why does God need to be explained? Universal truths about observable things require no explanation. So why are so many people left unconvinced and unbelieving? God is obvious, so we are told, so why does he remain elusive? People who do not believe in God are told that they are being rebellious or are ignoring the evidence all around them. Do atheists refute the fact that the sun is hot? No. How about water? Is that wet for both the believer and the non-believer? It sure is. There is actual, observable evidence for these things. There is simply none for God. There are unexplainable things that people try to explain by saying an invisible god is the reason for them. That is a belief and we are free to believe whatever we want. That’s vastly different from facts and evidence. Having belief is one thing. Having understanding is another.


Faith is a belief in things for which you have no evidence. If you had evidence, you wouldn’t call it faith. You would call it a fact. You would call it truth. If God were in fact obvious to all (which many people claim he is) then why is faith required? Why are we having to argue over what is real and what isn’t real about supernatural things? Supernatural things are called that because they defy the laws of nature. They are not observable and verifiable as things in nature can be. The sky is blue. Rocks are hard. Your nose is attached to your face and your toes are on your feet. Birds lay eggs and fish live in water. You cannot argue with observable, factual things. Evidence is necessary in order to have universal belief. Even one tiny shred of evidence would convince a lot of skeptics. Yet, sadly, there is none. There is belief and there is faith but there is nothing that points to a god that is observable and that should be accepted as a universal truth.


The next time you hear a religious person crying out, “The end is near so you need to repent!” maybe ask them why they are being so loud. The truth is not loud. The truth doesn’t get in your face and tell you how wrong you are and how you need to change. Truth is quiet. Truth is neutral. Truth is always there, existing peacefully in the background of our lives. Why is there a need to go out and try to convince someone? Truth needs no backstory. Truth needs no interpreter. Truth is simply truth. Being loud is not equivalent to being right. The louder you are, the more desperate you sound and the less convincing you are. Where there is doubt, there is usually bravado to hide that doubt. Unsure people tend to try to convince other people in order to reassure themselves and push their doubts aside.


Religion is a belief system. It is not a system of understanding built on truth. Believe what you want to, but when evidence is lacking, it’s best to keep it to yourself. Spend some time in quiet reflection and ask yourself, “Why do I believe despite having no evidence to do so?”

“One’s convictions should be proportional to one’s evidence” – Sam Harris








22 thoughts on “Truth Does Not Need Your Help

  1. This is a wonderful post Ben. Well done! 🙂

    Why does God need to be explained?

    Or (and as you pointed out) “Universal truths” too? Because in order for the Christian-myth to work it has to be mysterious, supernatural. That is what most all religions had to seperate themselves by, to make them incomparable to others. LOL 😄 Yet, why any need for literally HIDING these truths from people? And this false-condition creates ONE major problem with their esoteric claims. From Dr. Theodore Drange…

    …there is no good argument or evidence for God’s existence. […] Even theists sometimes say such things as “God is hidden” or “the world is ambivalent or ambiguous (as between being governed by God or being totally natural).” Whether such a statement is made in terms of “hiddenness” or “ambivalence” or “ambiguity,” it runs counter to Saint Paul’s (General-revelation) idea, expressed in Rom. 1:20, that “God’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” So if it is a statement made by Christian writers at all, they would not be Calvinists or evangelical Christians, but rather Christians of a more liberal persuasion.

    Drange goes on to explain why arguing from a position of non-belief is much more reasonable and sound than from a position of a lacking evidence argument (or LEA):

    Argument from Nonbelief:

    • (A) Probably, if God were to exist, then there would not be many nonbelievers in the world.
    • (B) But there are many nonbelievers in the world.
    • (C) Therefore, probably God does not exist.

    The term “nonbelievers” as it appears here can be taken in various ways. Let us take it to refer to nontheists. Since that class includes not only atheists and agnostics but also deists, pantheists, Buddhists, Hindus, and countless other individuals throughout our planet who do not believe in a single Supreme Being, it actually contains close to half the earth’s population… a well-established empirical truth, given a suitable definition for the term “nonbelievers.”

    I recommend reading Drange’s full contrast and comparison on The Secular Web here at if interested. Makes total sense. 🙂

    Great stuff Ben!

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    1. I had a read there, some interesting points of discussion in there. For me it depends on the situation. Both cases could work well as an argument against the gods of major religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc), but when applied to gods of other religions it gets more tricky I think.

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      1. Agreed TCA. I like to shelve so to speak Drange and his LEA as one howitzer shell out of many to lob at the theist and in particular the Abrahamic faith-followers. Standing alone it does get tricky, but include it in an arsenal of all sorts of “Shock-n-Awe,” and it becomes quite the entertaining ‘Oooo, see the Crispians stutter and flee!‘ Hehehehe 😈🤩

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  2. Thank you.
    I haven’t read anything from Drange before. I will have to take some time to do so.

    I was speaking with a coworker the other day and the topic of religion came up. He said he found that the loudest and most outspoken people in the world tend to be religious. That’s not because they had all of the facts and wanted to let everyone know but rather they had doubts and wanted to mask those doubts with the appearance of confidence and conviction. I agreed. Atheists will stand up and defend their positions yet they don’t come to your home or set up thousands of atheist churches around the world in order to indoctrinate people.

    After speaking with my coworker, I thought back to my time as a Christian. I have always had doubts but pushed them deep inside in order to remain faithful. I was always a little shy in face-to-face situations but I wanted to speak out for my god. I would listen to a lot of Christian music, wear Christian t-shirts, put Christian bumper stickers and Christian vanity plates on my car. I used to write Christian blog posts in order to help educate people who had issues with church yet still wanted to have faith. I looked the part of a devout Christian, but inside I was losing my own faith. I wanted to seem strong but I know I was not.

    Looking back, I can honestly say that the doubts have always been there because the evidence has not. Without evidence of something, you can only believe based on something you have decided was plausible to you personally. I just got to thinking, why is there always doubt? Why is there always a need for explanation or a need to convince someone that God exists? Wouldn’t the god of the universe be obvious to all and not just the select few who stand above the rest and pretend to have divine authority? Why would God be obvious to a tiny, tiny number of people yet be hidden from the majority?

    I think if God wanted to be known to us all and for all of us to believe in him wholeheartedly, he would have made it so. Just like the hot sun is hot to all, he would be God to all. Yet he is not.

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    1. Exactly spot on Ben! “Why the literal and intentional hide-n-seek games, especially (if we were to assume so) with eternal damnation/hell looming?” If you don’t ask those sorts of questions along with all the many, MANY other questions that would follow from any number of other problems/failures of the religion…

      then I’m here to tell ya, there can seriously be a few different DSM-5 diagnoses you’d qualify for — unless of course one has absolutely no curiosity whatsoever, which that would be sort of lifeless puppet: Just tell me what to do and say all my life. Worse than taking a path of least resistance! LOL 😉

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  3. The other fallacy is faith. They actually have none when they say god is in control then indoctrinate their kids aggressively and withhold critical thinking skills. Where’s the trust in the all knowing god that only calls those he chooses anyway?

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    1. If God was in control, we all would know it and faith wouldn’t be necessary. Trusting in an invisible and undetectable being does not equip children with the skills necessary to thrive in this world.

      Saying that evidence of God is everywhere, yet you need faith, is a contradiction if I ever heard one.

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      1. Umm, according to InsanityBytes Jim, that is categorically wrong! It is us/me that are “non-sentient beings” living in their “ambiguous worlds.” LOL 🤪😄 THEN she REALLY SHOWED ME…

        In other words Professor, you are simply the Blind Pharisee of Obfuscation possessing all the intelligence of a table lamp with none of it’s usefulness or practicality.

        I require enlightening conversations, not endarkening ones that just plunge the world into blatant stupidity and endless confusion.

        I do not await your “further elaborations” because I have already concluded that you really have nothing useful to say.

        That was eventually her answer after I simply asked her to elaborate, clarify what she meant… “Please tell me those “laws of both nature, physics,” and since “observable reality” is so incredibly vague and general, I need you to specify exactly what you are referencing.

        Is the oxygen in their air suddenly disappearing? Is it being replaced by ether, causing all brain-functions to seize up and malfunction? 🤔

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      2. First of all, whoever wrote the gospels was a keen obsevationist of religious piety. Matthew 23 was about the clergy and the preachers. Nothing has changed. Second, i did ask the other day for some biblical example of gods ultimate, unchanging morality….crickets. The fact is all the good in the world has come from regular people—Us. God has not shown himself to be real. We are in control and the curtain will be raised to show an anticlimactic us, is who created good. Certainly not IB or the Grace Church in West Seattle where she was a part of the biggest bigot show in recent times.

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  4. In fact, if a group of people did get together every week in a big building to sing and chant about how they believe the Sun is hot, and to listen to speeches about the need to believe the Sun is hot and the sinfulness of doubting it — then they’d give everyone the very strong impression that they actually weren’t too sure about it. Confident knowledge doesn’t need to shout down its own doubts.

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    1. Thank you.

      Hide and seek is only fun when you actually find the one you are seeking. If you can’t find them after faithfully searching for them then they should at least have the decency to come out and reveal themselves.

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      1. In our Alternative Lifestyles there is a MOST EXCELLENT, MOST FUN game of hide-n-seek — at someone’s huge home and property — where all the couples have one group of “Hunters” out looking for the “Hunted”… and when a prey is found… ?

        Oh my, my, MY the REAL fun begins immediately!!! But you only have a brief moment of time before the Hide-Seek-n-Conquer ends… and then everyone switches up roles. Mmmmm, one of my most favorite games! 😊😎


      2. Hahahaha!!!! It’s fine Ben, it isn’t for everyone, obviously. 😉 I don’t force this stuff in anyone’s face — I merely offer a Private blog for these Alternative activities between conscenting adults. However, there are some very fun, intimate games we play that … umm, liberate many prudes into FABULOUS libertines! When everyone knows there exists no shaming whatsoever, it is a very beautiful thing to watch people BLOSSOM and empowered! 😉 ❤

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      3. I appreciate not having anything forced in my face. 🙂 For such a young guy, I guess I’m just a little old-fashioned. Wait, that’s not the word I’m looking for. Ah yes, boring. That’s the one. But that’s okay. It’s who I am and that too is not for everyone. Hey as long as we can all be happy in our own way, right?

        At one point in my life, I would have probably thought about praying for people who turn from prudes into libertines (had to look that word up….yikes again), but now? Hey do your thing. It’s your life so live it any way you so desire. If you’re happy, then I’m happy for you.

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      4. Ben, that is an EXCELLENT very true-American attitude toward weirdos like me, or LGBTQ’s, or inter-sexed birth people, or bi-racial couples and kids and families, and every imaginable diverse human on this planet! I can completely respect — and when push came to shove, fight, defend, and DIE for your right to live the way you want (privately) — and work to protect your basic human rights and well-being as you would do for mine. Isn’t that the ways it is supposed to work? LOL Doesn’t seem like rocket-science to me. 😉 ❤

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      5. When you are a Christian (or any religious person really), then everything seems to be your business. It doesn’t matter whether it is out in the open or behind closed doors. Somehow believing in God gives people the right to judge and condemn good people just because they are different than they are. When religion isn’t being used as your “moral compass” then you treat people (ALL people) with dignity and respect because that’s the right thing to do.

        When I was a Christian, I looked at people through someone else’s eyes and those eyes were very judgmental. Looking through my own eyes, thinking about how I would want to be talked to or treated, I can now see all people as equals, not one better than another. It’s like I got my morals and my common sense back by leaving religion. Rocket science it is not.

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      6. That’s a very interesting and disturbing concept Ben that since “God” is everywhere, knows everything, and according to the 4th-century CE Canonical Bible is indeed VERY judging, hates “sin”, and by default into EVERYONE’S personal private heathen business, and this isn’t too unlike what 24/7 computer surveillance on all citizens — like they are now doing in China for ‘social-points’ — that has almost limitless intrusion abilities into every aspect of a person’s and society’s “good behavior” and “unacceptable behavior”… according to whomever is in power. YIKES!!! 😮

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